Diesel Dog Neckwear

We are a family owned and operated business made up of highly motivated, fashion conscious individuals who make only the finest, reasonably priced products for dogs & their people!

Why Choose Us?

Each collar is hand inspected for quality and sturdiness, as well as uniform look. Our collars and accessories have a look and feel that has never been matched before in the industry as well as the quality to last for years to come. Our collars are not mass produced so take comfort in owning this rare quality article that's 100% Handmade and Guaranteed to turn heads!


Kristin S
"I have several of these collars. They are so well made, and I love the patterns"

About Us

Donna Carpenter

Store Owner

Our small business began when I was inspired by my love of dogs, art, design, and to create unique products for dog lovers wanting something fun and funky, yet comfortable, practical and durable.